European Youth Cards for all Young People in the European Voluntary Service and other Erasmus+ Volunteering Programmes

For the past 19 years we have been working with the European Commission to issue a special edition of the European Youth Card to all young people in the European Voluntary Service or Erasmus+ volunteering projects for free. Over 100,000 young people have received the European Volunteer Card so far.

The card is a thank you for the admirable work these amazing young people do, dedicating their time to improving communities abroad. Their card helps them experience and explore more during their travels and make the most of their time with the European Voluntary Service.

Erasmus+ Volunteering Awards

In 2015 we launched the Volunteering Awards - a platform to reward and promote the work of young people in Erasmus+ volunteering projects and the European Voluntary Service.

Each year, young people are invited to share their volunteering experience through a video encouraging other young people to start their own volunteering adventure. The most inspirational stories are rewarded with all-inclusive summer trips sponsored by EYCA member organisations.

Through the Awards, volunteers receive the recognition they deserve and other young people have the chance to be inspired and join European volunteering programmes such as the EVS and the European Solidarity Corps.

2017 and Beyond

In December 2016, we signed a new agreement with the European Commission, ensuring that all young people who join the EVS in 2017 and 2018 will receive a free EVS European Youth Card. A dedicated mobile application was launched in mid 2017, allowing the volunteers to see discounts in their area and use the card straight from their phone.

For more information about the European Voluntary Service, please visit the European Youth Portal.

For more information on how the European Volunteer Card works, please click here.