Carnet Jove Andorra and the Andorran Government promote volunteering and cooperation among young people

Carnet Jove Andorra, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presents a new edition of the awareness campaign around international cooperation and volunteering aimed at young people.
The project, which will last until the end of December, aims to raise awareness among the young people of Andorra in volunteering actions, promote a culture of solidarity and value volunteering and international cooperation as mobility experiences that motivate growth in young people .
The campaign, which can be accessed through the website, brings young people closer to volunteering opportunities that they can do both in Andorra and abroad, information of interest and the experiences of other young people who are already doing some volunteer action.

Grants for international volunteering

Apart from the awareness campaign, Carnet Jove Andorra makes available a grant of €1,200 so that 3 young people can carry out an international volunteer project.
This aid consists of providing three young people with the possibility of carrying out a volunteer project abroad with three NGOs from the country that operate in Africa and South America.
The complete bases of the call can also be consulted on the website