Carnet Jove Andorra Promoting Sustainability


The Campaign

Carnet Jove Andorra dedicates the month of September to promoting the importance of preserving the environment and reducing our impact on the planet among young people.

The campaign puts at the disposal of Andorra's youth a series of informational resources, discounts, testimonials from young people, and activities related to sustainability and the environment in collaboration with other entities and organisations in the country.

All content is available in the Carnet Jove Andorra mobile app. These are resources and actions that young people can practice in their day-to-day life, for example, when shopping, moving around, travelling, clothing, travelling, recycling or feeding, among others.


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Programme of activities

The programme of activities that are included in the campaign seeks youth participation in initiatives and, at the same time, can exchange opinions among themselves.

The first scheduled activity is a Cleanup organised at 7 points in Andorra to leave our natural environment clean of waste and, at the same time, promote responsible environmental action.

The second planned activity is a workshop on creating products with organic waste. This workshop is delivered by a young woman who, at only 23 years of age, already works with microplastics, an alternative (and sustainable) material to plastic.

Finally, the cycle of activities ends with a workshop on natural dyes where young people will experiment with the natural dyeing process using native plants of the country.

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The sustainability campaign is part of the goal of Carnet Jove Andorra of making available to all young people the maximum possible opportunities so that they can participate as citizens and consciously choose their future.