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Carné Joven

Card's Profile

The Youth Card is a personal and nontransferable document that provides young people aged between 14 and 30 with the possibility of enjoying a lot of discounts on activities and services, both in purchasing and procurement of products such as the access to goods and cultural services and benefits on youth tourism (transport, cinemas, travel, accommodation, museums, concerts, sports facilities, etc.).

The Youth Card is a European programme that has as its primary goal to promote the youth mobility at national and international level, the knowledge of other languages and cultures and facilitate the development of an autonomous life.

Classic Youth Card: It is a personal and non-transferable card, valid for 2 years from the moment of the request. It incorporates a photograph of the holder in the case of the young card of Cajamurcia and the personal data. You can enjoy all the advantages and discounts associated with the European young card program.

Financial Youth Card: With all the advantages and discounts of the classic young card and also MasterCard, Visa or Visa electron, you can use it to pay for your purchases in stores or to withdraw money at ATMs.

The card is issued by Dirección General de Juventud de Murcia.