<18 years old  2.50€ >18 years old 3.90

D'Coque Swimming Pool

<18 years old 2.50€ >18 years old 3.90

&lt; 18 years old at the price of 2.10€ instead of de 2.30€ &gt;18 years old 3.90€ instead of 4.50€ Easily accessible from all regions of the country and from neighbouring countries, strategically located on the Kirchberg plateau, a short distance from the capital&rsquo;s core, the banking and business centres, the European institutions and the international airport, the Centre National Sportif et Culturel d&rsquo;Coque has become an essential reference point both in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the Greater Region and on the international scene. The Aquatic Centre offers a 50-metre competition pool, a diving tower (1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m), an initiation pool, a whirlpool, a paddling pool, a fitness room and a relaxation area https://www.coque.lu