Spain - Comunitat Valenciana

Organisation Profile

IVAJ is an autonomous organization of the Valencian autonomous government, with legal public personality, attached to the city council for youth. It's the institution which coordinates the politics of youth in the area of Comunitat Valenciana.

The main functions of IVAJ are the young people rights, supporting their process of empowerment, cultural promotion, encouraging participation and youth associations and the development of leisure activities, tourism and youth exchanges.

To carry out these functions, IVAJ manages some programs and activities to cover both aid and grants and the maintenance of juvenile homes, lodges and camps and the organization of work camps and youth training programs.

The program of the Young European Card is the service that the autonomous government of Valencia manages through IVAJ to promote policies of youth that stimulate social participation, promotion of culture, mobility and emancipation of young people in reasonable and worthy conditions, as well as to provide their access by means of the joint of certain advantages to goods and services of social, cultural, economic, educational, recreative, sports character, consumption, transport and others. In Comunitat Valenciana the program uses the simplified name of Carnet Jove.

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