Croatian Youth Hostel Association

Organisation Profile

CYHA is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded back in 1953 in order to promote the hostelling mission in Croatia and encourage young people to explore and appreciate the rich natural and cultural heritage of our country.

Today we are even more dedicated to promote friendship and international understanding by supporting the development of quality youth hostels and providing European Youth Card membership to young people as well as travel services for individual travellers and groups from Croatia and the world. We are dedicated to advance the education, for the public benefit and particularly through travelling, by helping all, but especially young people, to experience and contribute the countryside, environment, natural and cultural heritage of Croatia and all other countries in the world.

In today's world we like to make an impact and contribute for greater understanding and respect of different regions, countries, people and their cultures.
In order to achieve our mission we provide low cost and quality accommodation in our youth hostels, provide discounts and assist and help individual travellers and different types of groups in creating their travel and educational itineraries.

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